High returns with low risk is the key

At Edge equity we provide our customers with high financial returns at their lowest risk, effective service with extreme flexibility

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A more rewarding relationship

At edge equity we provide our customers with products bearing high financial returns at their lowest risk


Are you in need of extra cash? Do you need more capital to expand your business? We are fast and reliable in meeting your financial needs.


You have 365days to make those plans you have in mind come to fusion. Here, you can save for 12 months or less


Get past the time when we allow money lie fallow, why not let your money work for you with our extremely flexible wealth plans.

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Director's Statement

Edge Equity and the entire members of the team has taken the responsibility to make the company the first and best alternative financing company in Africa. It is a choice we made and we are prepared for the task. If you must know our standards are high, we value the creativity of every team member and so provide an independent high controlled environment to enhance every one’s piece of excellent touch to achieving our goals, objectives and ultimately our vision. We boast in our integrity and our ability to provide excellent clientele service, the efficiency and effectiveness of our product and process is our strength. It is our privilege to welcome you to Edge Equity. We wish you a happy adventure.

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