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About Us

At Piedtech, our focus is to provide IT solutions to everyone through our digital products and services. We provide solutions through Web, Android, Desktop and Ios platforms, as well as Graphics and Animation. Our products are simply digital products. We brainstorm on ideas to solve problems and give the best solution. Customers ideas are also transformed into reality through our choicest solution platform. At piedtech, we are passionate about the problems we solve. with integrity and excellence, we offer the best services and also collaborate with organization for optimum results. Our solutions currently has cut across educational institutions for a better data management. Desktop, Mobile and Web We offer full-scale software solutions for mobile, web and desktop platforms. Graphics and animation We offer a wide variety of graphics design service. We offer to help your business tell its story. We stay on top of current design trends and concepts, aiming to be ahead of the curve Our design services include logo designs, letterhead designs, envelope designs, business card designs, event invitation and company brands.

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