Project Title PagMag
Project Type Desktop App

PayMag is a desktop software that runs offline with ease of use. Making data entry and retrieval easier with assured data security. PayMag helps you create a streamlined system in which everything is stored in a specific area and you have real-time access to current financial information you need. From tracking transactions to running cash flow reports, you’ll be able to access critical financial data with a few clicks.

PayMag can boost productivity because the financial manager or accountant can input and extract data within a few minutes. With a PayMag, less time is required to process every transaction, and the accounting department can produce reports within minutes. This may reduce your cost of employing a financial manager and improve productivity in the accounting/bursary department. There is reduced risk of theft, damage, and loss. And also accuracy in generating reports
Making the switch from paper to digital may be a big project, but it offers a multitude of benefits for any business


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